Wedding and/or Reception Prices

Our standard wedding package includes prelude music, all the music for your wedding ceremony, and postlude music as your guests are leaving all for one set rate.  In addition to providing for your musical requirements, we also have a liaison/coordinator who will work in conjunction with your own wedding coordinator, or if you do not have a coordinator, he will act as the liaison between the musicians and the wedding party to ensure that everyone is comfortable and knows where they need to be at the proper times, when to enter, etc.

If you would like a custom arrangement of a song that we do not have in our repertoire, we would be happy to accommodate such requests for a fee of $75 per song.  You will need to provide a piano score and if available, a recording of the song, as soon as possible, but at a minimum of one month in advance of the wedding.


Corporate and other Special Event Prices

Prices will be determined by the amount of time reserved.  Each hour booked will consist of 45 minutes of performance time and a 15 minute break.

To check for availability and for a price quote, please provide the following information:

What is the date and time of your event?

What is the location of your event (venue name and city)?

If for a wedding, will you want music for just the wedding ceremony or would you also like additional music for the reception, cocktail hour, etc.?  If so, how much total time would you like?

For all other events how many hours would you like to reserve?

Please email the above information to us at:

or call us at:   

Karla Epperson :  253-857-6529
Teresa Mizukami-Stahnke :  253-906-9009
Karen Patton :  253-564-5508

Below is a link to our contract for your convenience.

Documents/A TRIO CLASSIQUE Contract template.pdf